Artistagraph lithograph, giclee, authentic, signed and numbered
bruce springsteen
jennifer lopez
daniel radcliffe aka harry potter
tony bennett lady gaga
bruce springsteen #2
ozzy osbourne
bradley cooper lady gaga
mike myers
dave grohl
dwayne johnson the rock
willie nelson
bruce springsteen #3
bono the edge
tony bennett
willie nelson #2
kevin hart

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A State Of The Art Unique Technology That Produces Giclées From Original Paintings Autographed By The Celebrity

The Artistagraph process is vastly superior to any other form of autographed collectables no other editions come close to the qualities of an original work of art. Our artists are commissioned to draw specific celebrities in Music, Movies, TV and Sports upon approval they are presented to the celebrity to autograph. The authenticity of the autograph is 100% guaranteed in most cases we have pictures of the artist signing the piece, these works of art are a one of a kind and the originals can bring anywhere from $1200 - $3000 from collectors and fans.


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We offer high-resolution, reproductions produced from a giclée of the original piece. Giclée is a technology for fine art reproduction using high quality inkjet printers, 65% of art galleries now sell giclée. The printing is done on the highest grade archival, acid free paper to create your own framed master piece that will last for many years to come.

Each giclee will be a limited edition of 500 prints. Once they are sold that piece will be retired and the original piece will be framed and priced accordingly or likely sold to the highest bidder. Each giclée is numbered on fine art archival acid free paper, the art works are ready to be framed (18" x 24" or 24" x 18").

Like No Other Giclée You Will Find In The World


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The art works are drawn by our artists and each piece is one of a kind, we have two styles that we use Digital and Water Color. Each piece once completed is given to Cory Layfield to get the artist’s autograph which takes many hours of waiting and pursuing that specific celebrity at times getting just a glimpse without getting the opportunity for an autograph, this can sometimes go on for days and sometimes weeks.

cory layfield

Cory fly’s around the country to get that celebrity and again there is no guarantee that he will get it that day or at all, but he never loses his patience. Cory takes his work very seriously and is very well known in New York area as one of the best and very well-liked by many celebrity’s he gets autographs from celebrity’s that are known for not signing anything. His reputation has taken many years to develop and takes way to much pride in his work to put something out there that is not authentic you can rest assured that when Cory “NYCory” Layfield signs a certificate of authenticity rest assured that he personally got that autograph, each giclée comes with a signed certificate of authenticity including the number of your print all the giclée are limited to 500 prints for the world and that piece upon reaching 500 will no longer be available and the original will go to the highest bidder. You will enjoy your giclée with friends and family with the confidence that yours is authentic and one of kind, for many years to come.




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